Prince Edward Island · Random

Winter Storms

It’s a windy day here in Charlottetown, but in my hometown of Fredericton, New Brunswick, people experienced their first snow fall of the year.

I can’t believe it’s nearly winter again. Yikes.


My phone is full of images like the one above… Snow covered cars, snow covered streets, and snow covered houses. Yikes.

But I also have some good memories of winter storms. Cuddling up on the couch with Scott and the cats. Playing outside as fat snowflakes fall around me. Checking out Christmas light scenes or Santa Claus parades. There are some fun times – when you’re power is on and you have a nice pot of stew on the stove – and winter storms don’t seem so gloomy.

Just because last winter was gloomy does not mean that this one has to be. Have a storm stash: books, snacks,  cozy blankets, and emergency items to keep you happy and warm. Enjoy the time where you’re stranded at home and be thankful for your safety. Let’s stay safe this winter.


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