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No Rest for the Weekend – Hope for the Future


A gorgeous painting of my hometown by Barbara Heans – check it out here


This weekend was fantastic – and yet I feel like it slipped away in an instant.

I got to visit with friends and family – and welcomed a new member to our midst. It seems like time is flying these days and I’m somehow missing it. The next couple of days may bring snow to much of the Maritimes… and really, who is ready for that.

With all so many busy days, it feels like my blog is being neglected. I have half a dozen posts to write and no energy to compile them. Ideas swim past me and I can’t grab hold. I don’t know what my blogging purpose is and I haven’t a spare moment to figure it out. What I really need is some time off to just figure stuff out. This is a low in my 365 day challenge.

The good news? The holidays are coming – which will provide lots of writing ideas – and I have just one more week of writing class! I’ll soon have time and free ideas! HURRAY!

If I have learned anything about blogging this year, it’s that some days/weeks/months are just harder than others. You have to look harder to find the potential, but it’s always there. Keep looking.



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