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Handwritten Drafts


Tonight I posted a draft report for my writing classmates to critique, which got me thinking about how my writing practices are still old-school.

I still write with a pen and paper – I love the feeling of writing with a smooth ballpoint pen and the thrill of a fresh sheet of paper.  I type all of my work, but drafts typically end up being printed from my screen for additional pen-work. I doodle in the margins and make elaborate markups. I print three or four times per assignment and just keep writing.

Oddly, my blog posts are never printed. I edit them on my phone or in the web browser without a second though. It’s a great paper saver, and since I only ever see blog posts on my computer, it makes sense to me to proofread on screen. Yet, when given a paper or report to write, I still revert back to my old ways.

Sometimes habits are just enjoyable. Like using a red pen or doodling flowers in margins. If it works, it works!

Are you an old-school writer?


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