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The Christmas Pickle

imageI wanted to start recording the origination of each of our Christmas ornaments – since I remember having a family tradition of selecting a special ornament each year as a child – but I couldn’t figure out where I would store this information.

WAIT – I have a blog that I write on every day, which provides a great place to share photos AND stories! Right. So – prepare yourselves – I’m going to start sharing the weird and wonderful ornaments that we have purchased for our Christmas tree.

Enter the Christmas Pickle.

Ok – this one is fairly obvious. It’s a life-sized dill pickle ornament, which I’ve been seeking for over a year now. We found this one at Canadian Tire for three dollars – what a deal! But what’s the appeal? Well, pickles are one of my favourite foods, and easily the most popular food at any Greer celebration. The pickle represents more than just deliciousness – it’s a treat that you share with your family.

As a bonus, I learned that some German families¬†hide a pickle ornament in their Christmas tree and the first person to find it gets an extra present. I can’t even express how wonderful I think that tradition is! I’m not sure that our pickle will come with a present, but I love the spirit of the game.



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