Blurry Christmas Lights

Yesterday was Remembrance day, or Veterans day if you’re in the US, which makes today…

the first day of the holiday season.

You can try to avoid it – I know that I won’t be getting into the holiday spirit for several weeks – but the holidays are upon us. The grocery stores are filled with Christmas trees. The stores are playing worn-out Christmas songs. And the advertisements have shifted towards holiday chaos.

It’s the most wonderful time of the year.

I noticed today that our neighbours have lit their blue LED Christmas lights, which leave me feeling blind and overwhelmed. This time of year always passes in a blur of unfocused lights and food – so it seems fitting to have those gaudy lights glaring at me. They make me want to get an eye exam and decorate my home – two conflicting thoughts to say the least. Honestly, can anyone actually focus on blue LED lighting? I want to do a survey to determine if it’s just my eyes failing me – CAN YOU SEE THE BLUE LIGHTS?!

Besides my new found annoyance for blue lighting, I feel pretty excited for the holiday season. A couple years ago I completed my first blogging challenge by posting every day for the month of December. It was a fantastic experience and I can’t think of a better month to share. I really look forward to ending this year on a high note – December 2015 will be a holiday season to remember!


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