Binge Watching Old Shows

It seems like most people are in the midst of binge-watching something. I am no different – I adore binge-watching shows – and generally miss out on shows while they are actually popular.

These days I’m really into The Office, which is timely given that I’m also reading Mindy Kaling’s latest book. The Office is a show that I’ve had on my ‘to view’ list for a while, but I always assumed that it would be too boring, or too awkward, to maintain my attention.

In fact, it is often boring and awkward – the plots revolve around a single, bland office environment with a low-key cast of characters – yet I’m hooked. There’s something familiar, yet outrageous that keeps me coming back.

Anyway, I’m like ten years late to this show, but enjoying it nonetheless. Sometimes I feel as though I’ve lived the episodes; I’ve been to cringe-worthy dinners and sat by while a coworker talked themselves into a corner. I guess it’s just nice to be able to come home and realise that your day really could have been worse.

So yes – The Office is definetly worth binge-watching even if I’m getting to it a little late! Up next in my television queue is The West Wing, one of my all-time favourite shows. I’m actually looking forward to being a bit of a couch potato this winter!


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