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Catching Up


I’ve got to be honest, my plan for the rest of this evening involves two things – a copy of Mindy Kaling’s latest autobiography “Why Not Me?”  and my Snoogle. What a night.

I know, I should really be catching up on some writing notes, or course work, or even house work – but I am exhausted. And I have been for months. Weekends fly by without warning. Nights pass far too quickly. And, honestly, I need to unwind.

That said, I did do one (or two) useful things this weekend. I’ve been trying out some new ‘freezer recipes’ – which are supposed to be great for working folk and new parents – which I’m really looking forward to sharing on the blog. Today I made a test freezer lasagna, as well as a dinner lasagna. I’m really hoping that in a few weeks time my frozen dinner will be just as tasty as tonight’s!


This is my second freezer dinner experiment; the first was a crockpot beef stew. The stew was a welcome treat after a day at the office, although I completely forgot to include my usual combination of herbs and bay leaves… So it was mild in spice (to say the least). My eyes have been opened to the delicious convenience of pre-cooked meals, which is something I would love to share soon. Just working on my research!

Anyway, I can’t wait to share my adventures in freezer cooking. Wow… Am I getting old or what?

Have a good night!


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