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On Telescopic Curtain Rods

So here’s what happened tonight. I picked up what I thought would be the perfect sized curtain rod for my 6 and a half foot window. I though a 72″ extendable rod should do the trick. (And I wasn’t wrong!)

I got home and assembled the rod and it was enormous! I panicked – how could I have bought the wrong thing entirely?! How can I be so miserable at math? Why???

Luckily, Scott arrived home (finding the curtain rod jammed haphazardly into its box) and decided that we should give it a second chance. This is right about the time when we both noticed that the decorative balls on the ends of the rods were removable. Aaaaannnnd the telescopic rod in the middle of the two exterior rods was threaded. We removed the extra rod, and boom – normal curtain rod. And an extra piece to boot.


Anyway, I felt like I should share this awkward story as a preventative lesson. Telescopic curtain rods are confusing – especially when no instructions are included. Always look for a second, threaded option or something removable.



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