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Past 300 days of Blogging

Oh wow.

Somehow I’ve managed to pass 300 days of consecutive blogging without even noticing. Until a few moments ago I hadn’t thought about the (quickly approaching) new year. Where has the time gone?

My life has changed significantly over the past 300 days- but blogging has remained constant. I have learned so much from this exercise, but one thing stands out this week:  the fact that social media portrays an alternate version of our real lives.

Yes, I’m eluding to the Essence O’Neil story – it’s kind of everywhere. It makes me sad to think of the elaborate means by which people, especially young women, achieve popularity on social media. That said, I do not believe that all social media is evil. On the contrary, I think that blogging, Instagram, and Twitter can provide writers with a sense of community and a fantastic place to hone their craft.

You just need to be cautious not to sell yourself short.

Blogging is a great way to practice your writing skills – you can create and explore new ideas. You can make new connections and share new experiences. But you need to decide for yourself where to draw the line. Do you want to be famous, or do you just want to share a passion?

I don’t know what I want. But I have really enjoyed the journey so far… so that’s probably enough for me.


One thought on “Past 300 days of Blogging

  1. I so agree! The problem was that she (Essence) wasn’t being authentic, she was living an entirely fake life on social media. Social media can distort realities, but it can also bring people together. I’ve made many connections through social media. And I’ve learned so much about myself and my writing through my own blog. The key is to remain true to yourself. Congrats on 300 day so f blogging!

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