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On Cringe-Worthy Moments


Bella takes the best selfies.

Today was not one of my best days. But one thing that made it better was after the hilarious result of a tweet by the Blogess (AKA – Jenny Lawon) – check it out on Buzzfeed.

Basically Jenny tweeted the following:


And people started replying with their own cringe-worthy moments. And the result has been so fantastic that I keep bursting into random fits of laughter as I read the most awkward moments shared by people all over the world.

The silliness has really brightened my day, which had not been going well since I left work early after a bout of nausea. This is a common occurrence, as I’ve been having morning sickness that strikes randomly and well into my second trimester. Still – there are worse things in life – and at least I can make up my missed work hours on the weekend! At least I can laugh it off.


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