It’s too dark

I am so tired.

It’s just a fact.

Tonight I walked out of the office before five and was greeted by the darkness I’ve come to associate with six o’clock. It reminded me distinctly of university days and late nights spent in the dining hall with second helpings of dessert… Not sure where that comes from, but I have the strangest craving for the pumpkin cheesecake they used to serve in our residence dining hall.

It turns out that I’m not great at adjusting to time changes, even if they’re in my favour. An extra hour of sleep wreaks havoc on my day’s meal schedule and has me counting down the minutes until bedtime. Why do we continue to do this to ourselves in the days of electricity?

Ugh. Tomorrow will be slightly easier. And next daylight savings time will be shared with a new family member.


2 thoughts on “It’s too dark

  1. I have no idea why we still subject ourselves to this when the reason it started was so long ago and the reasons no longer hold good. The force of habit and tradition! I would rather get rid of it and stick with summer time, I hate losing an hour of daylight at the end of the day.

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