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On Being Weird – and Blogging

Laura and mushroom
I had to get my photo taken with this goomba!

Yesterday I announced my exciting pregnancy news – and, to my surprise, I received a lot of great feedback! I was deeply touched by people reaching out to congratulate me (and Scott) on social media – thanks!

I am amazed by the feeling of community that I have found online – both through blogging and on Twitter. It’s really wonderful to have a place where I can share the things that make me… well me – without people putting those down.

Even if it’s inadvertent, I don’t appreciate people pointing out that I’m ‘kind of weird’ because I’m in love with my cats, my garden, or my video games. I like sharing the books I read – on a variety of subjects – and my latest crafting creations. I don’t think it’s weird to make pickles, explore the countryside, or spend hours just surfing the internet. I like being the strange, passionate version of myself that I get to be on my blog. And, luckily, the blogging community makes that an amazing possibility!

The past few months have been really hard for me – I’ve kept up my blogging despite feeling like a shadow of myself. Pregnancy has been rough – I’ve been sicker than I thought possible for the past 20 weeks. I’ve received a lot of bad advice and spent a lot of time being told how to feel. I don’t want to dwell on this – but instead want to focus all of my energy on the things I love….

like crafting! writing! and new challenges!

I feel like something new needs to happen this November… something fun and blog-worthy!  Something weird – of course – and new. Because life is too short to sit around trying to fit in and forgetting to challenge yourself!


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