Celebrating our Paper Anniversary – with Rich Aucoin

Today marks my first year of marriage. I’m thrilled to share this special day with my husband – he’s truly my favourite person in the world – and I’m so thankful for the well-wishes that we’ve received today.

We’re kind of an unusual couple. Despite the fact that I blog on the daily we keep most of our relationship private. That’s how we like it – we’re insanely shy IRL and today I honestly can’t bring myself to post so much as a wedding photo on my Facebook wall. No joke, I tried maybe five times now… but it felt insincere.

But there is one thing that I MUST share – our first anniversary present to each other. The classic ‘paper’ anniversary gift:

Concert tickets!

Yup, you’re reading that right – last night we saw Halifax’s indie-pop wizard Rich Aucoin live with Symphony Nova Scotia, a choir of 20 friends, and a host of other musical talent. And it was phenomenal!

I am a huge fan of Aucoin’s work – if you’re unfamiliar, it’s a combination of indie-pop-rock-and-techno that’s both experimental and (oddly) life affirming – check out his latest release, Ephemeral, on Bandcamp. His shows are celebrations; complete with confetti cannons, a parachute dance party, and heart-pounding excitement. He’s sincere and inspiring – and has become one of my favourite performers because of his ability to bring joy through his music.

So, picture a pop musician who typically uses synths and enthusiastic audience participation, backed instead by a full symphony and choir. It was a masterpiece. At times absolutely explosive with sound so full and powerful, followed by calm serenity as Aucoin breathed surprising new life into his songs. I had to turn my writer’s brain off to fully enjoy the experience – which means this is not going to be a full review. More of a placeholder. A memory of something unique and powerful that deserves a special place in this blogging journey.

This was my first time seeing a symphony and it honestly took my breath away. I can’t think of a better way to celebrate this first year of marriage than a unique performance as vibrant and powerful as Aucoin’s Symphony Show.


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