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Saturday Music and Hikes – and adventures with my internal blogger

It’s another one of those great days – where I had such a great time – and failed to take any photos at all!


I’m kind of bad at this whole blogging thing. But with this year being all about quantity (one post a day), I suppose I can give myself a break. And I’ll steal a bunch of photos from Scott because he’s actually good at doing that.

Tonight we saw unbelievable concert (more on that tomorrow). For the first half of the show, my mind raced. I kept thinking about how I would describe it: what are the words to describe this? What would I want to highlight? Should I think about the visual on top of the auditory experience?

Oh my goodness!

Sometimes I can’t get my internal blogger to shut up, other times my blogger is on vacation. It’s so weird. I sit back at the end of the day trying to write and I can’t.

I’m just going to call it a night now. It’s too late to tie this one up neatly. Happy weekend ;)


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