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Yoga – with cats

Maddie does her yoga. #catsofinstagram

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I’m trying out a new stretching/yoga routine to relieve some back pain – pretty basic, non-blog-worthy stuff. But this hilarious thing happens every time I unroll my yoga mat:

The cats descend on me.

At first it was just one cat – Belle would purr and rub her face on my legs or arms. Then she started crawling under me while I did any sort of downward dog/cow/cat pose. And then she would just lay on the mat, staring up at me with her creepy, human-like eyes.

When I didn’t think it could become any more awkward, that’s when Maddie joined in the game. The head smashing has now become a part of my routine – I hold poses for extra seconds as cats run under me. And the odd tail gets stepped on or bodies gets tripped over as I change position.

They’re here to stay and no amount of shouting will dissuade them. I have yoga cats. And they’re not very helpful.


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