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On Who We Want to Be

Yesterday this photo popped up on my Facebook:

#gopro shot of @ellefeeney and I and some creeper

A post shared by Tiana Feng (@tianafeng) on

It’s been one year since my BFF came to visit me on the Island and helped me prepare for my wedding day! I felt such mixed emotions to see this photo (taken at an Art Battle/Rich Aucoin concert) – because somehow it’s already been a WHOLE YEAR since I saw my best friend! But also, what a year!

This year we both took up a daily blogging challenge (check Tiana’s blog out here), which has lead us to dozens of interesting conversations. One of the most positive conversations – which we have frequently  – is about who we want to be.

Who do I want to be?

The topic arises organically – we’re talking about something that happened or how we felt about something and then it appears – I don’t want to be ‘that person’, or I want to be more like ‘this’. On the surface it might sound silly, but I learn a lot about myself from these conversations.

For instance, I was telling Tiana the other day that one of my coworkers commented on my new haircut by telling me it made me look older and less like an awkward teenager. Now a normal person might have found that a bit rude, but I thought it was hilarious. And accurate. But then I started thinking about other comments that I actually found hurtful; these were probably not intended as such. I find some things so funny (when they really aren’t) and can’t put others into words (when I really want to). So I want to be more understanding.

Anyway, these daily chats and blogged moments are always teaching me more about myself and giving me insight into the person I want to become. I’m so glad to have a person to bounce these weird learning moments off of, and I hope that I can provide her with some of her own.


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