Newfie-style Fries

poutine newfie style
So… it’s Friday.

In my home that always provides a bit of an excuse to eat junk food. And I’ve been craving something pretty specific for a while now:

Newfie-style Fries.

I learned about a year ago that Newfoundlanders have their own take on poutine: they eat fries with graving and STUFFING. OMG. I adore stuffing – to the point that I always have a couple boxes of Stove Top on hand – so I had to try this. But it slipped to the back of my mind until Thanksgiving reignited my love for stuffing.

So this evening I cut up my french fries, coated them with oil and spices, baked them to perfection, and smothered them in stuffing and beef gravy. And it was fantastic. Kind of like a meat-less thanksgiving meal. I added a little bit of cheese (which was totally unnecessary) and some ketchup for taste.

Yum. So terrible, but yum! Sometimes you’ve just got to sit back and enjoy your Fridays.


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