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Throwback Thursday: Spooky October Nights

(I’m still working on getting photos off of my phone… hopefully my posts will become a bit more visual this weekend! Please bare with me)

Tonight Scott and I took a walk around the new subdivision. As it’s October, the daylight quickly faltered and we found ourselves walking in the lingering sunny hours of the evening… which felt so eerily familiar.

As a kid, I spent as much time outside with my friends as possible. We would run around the ‘woods’ (a spattering of trees and paths between the houses in our little subdivision) and play in backyards for days. We would head home at nightfall, often taking shortcuts through the quiet treed lanes that held our imaginations.

On weekend evenings we would come together – all the kids from the neighbourhood – and play a game of our own invention: “Monster”. The game was always best at this time of year: the eerie stillness and cool breeze of October held the perfect backdrop for a truly spooky thrill.

The game? Basically a version of freeze-tag. The kids would start at the front of a friend’s house as a group, a single ‘monster’ waiting in the background. The whole group would walk, often holding hands and arms while giggling nervously, around the house. The backyard had to be pitch black… seemingly deserted… until the monster appeared! At that moment, chaos would ensue. Everyone would scatter and run for their lives; the simple tap of a monster would end your time among the living – as all captured monster hunters became ‘zombies’. Once you reached the warm glow of the front porch light you knew you were safe for the round. But now more monsters were waiting just around the corner…

I still think about the fun we had playing this silly game. Our hearts would pound as we turned that first corner. Our screams probably echoed through the neighbourhood, must to the annoyance of our adult neighbours, as we ran from each other. We would gasp for air and retell each backyard adventure as a glorious quest. It was one of the best parts of my childhood.

And trust me, being the round’s leading monster was equally as fun! Sitting along in the moonlight waiting for the right moment to spook your friends; watching your gang of zombies grow; and giggling as you hid among the tall grass – every part of this game was epic.


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