Always a Blue Jays Fan

On my honeymoon - sporting my Jays ballcap
On my honeymoon – sporting my Jays ballcap

So today was the first day of the playoffs – and after 22 years the Toronto Blue Jays are hitting the playoff field! (Unfortunately, they lost tonight, but this is not the end!)

I’m thrilled to see the Jays in the playoffs – and not just because I’ve jumped on the bandwagon. I’ve been a Jays fan for as long as I can remember, mostly because my Dad loves the team. He got me started in softball when I was young – and for three summers I stunk at the game. I couldn’t throw as well as the other girls, could barely catch, and was a terrible batter. But Dad seemed to enjoy all of the practices and games, sporting his favourite Dad-outfit consisting of a Blue Jays World Series Champions t-shirt with cut-off sleeves and hot pink shorts. It was only moderately embarrassing – Dad can totally pull off pink.

Eventually I quit softball and took up dance instead, but the experience has left me much better at throwing projectiles than would be expected. Seriously, challenge me to a snowball fight. I dare you.

As I grew older, and once I moved to Toronto, Dad and I would catch as many Jays games as we could. I much prefer a live game to a televised event – there are tons of things going on in those stadiums! We still reminisce about a particularly memorable game where the gal sitting in front of us got a little wild. It’s not a blog-appropriate story, but Dad and I still tell it while bursting into fits of giggles.

The Jays were the only sports team that I ever really supported, despite their string of losses. Now I’m a bit of a Canadiens fan too… but baseball will likely always be the only sport that I know most of the rules to.


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