My Procrastination – and my Plan to Overcome the Mountain


Ok – I’ve been caught. As usual, I’m procrastinating.

I thought that I would overcome this nasty habit as an adult. During my masters studies I finally stepped up and started submitting papers on time, even early, but then.. old habits are easy to slip back into.

As I mentioned earlier this week, I’m taking online writing courses. And after a week (where I am still waiting on my Amazon textbook order to arrive), I’ve already started to slip. I’m not behind, per-say, just pushing the limit. Submitting things in the nick of time and causing myself undue stress.

This happened last time I started a course, but there was an easy solution then and I’m going to have to put it into action tomorrow or risk falling off the wagon. And what is that fantastic solution?

The deadline board!

Oh yes – it’s as thrilling as it sounds! I have a whiteboard. And a list of assignments, readings, and all the boring stuff that makes up a course. I take my learning goals, assign them due dates, and start crossing them off one-by-one. At first it sucks, but once I get into the swing of things I always pick up momentum. I finish things on time. Then I start to get ahead and before I know it my learning goals have been met.

This is the solution that works for me. But getting started is just about the least fun task I can think of for a Sunday night. That’s not an excuse though – so please excuse me while I log off and get to work!

Goodbye procrastination – Hello determination!



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