Happy Halloween

Happy Halloween! We had a great day here and  gave out a ton of treats to some super cute kiddos! It was a great first Halloween in our new home. Scott and I even carved our cats into the pumpkin (again – I designed the pattern two years ago and couldn’t resist). All in all… Continue reading Happy Halloween

Books · Reading

The Cure to a Bad Day

I had a bad day. One of those ones where everyone seems hostile and disagreeable. Ugh. Luckily, it’s Friday. And I have the whole weekend to relax. And, even better, I have Jenny Lawson’s Furiously Happy to read. This book is quite a treat so far. With lines like “still, angry, shitty squirrels can’t hold… Continue reading The Cure to a Bad Day

DIY and crafts

Minecraft Pumpkins – Patterns Included!

One of my favourite Halloween activities has always been pumpkin carving.I like to go all out. And this year will be no exception. This year Scott and I decided to play with the Minecraft theme – because we want to be the coolest kids on the block! (Our friend Greg helped carve the Minecraft pumpkin… Continue reading Minecraft Pumpkins – Patterns Included!

Blogging & Writing · Pregnancy

On Being Weird – and Blogging

Yesterday I announced my exciting pregnancy news – and, to my surprise, I received a lot of great feedback! I was deeply touched by people reaching out to congratulate me (and Scott) on social media – thanks! I am amazed by the feeling of community that I have found online – both through blogging and on… Continue reading On Being Weird – and Blogging


Big News!

So I have some news that I’ve been meaning to share for a while now… We’re expecting a new family member! I’m 24 weeks pregnant – a fact that’s become hard not to notice!  I’m so thrilled to finally share the news, but I’m also nervous since I don’t know what this means for my blog.… Continue reading Big News!