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I Work With my Husband

Since moving to our new home, Scott and I have had to introduce ourselves to a lot of new people. One of the most common questions that people will ask us is “where do you work”?

Well the truth is this – we work for the same company. We get some pretty funny reactions when we share this. But many couples with similar educational backgrounds work together – and it’s actually not as weird as it sounds! I had my doubts at first, but there’s really no downside in our large, busy company.

Despite working in the same building, I see very little of Scott. We work in different departments on separate projects. But we do sometimes come into contact with each other through work, and all of these meetings have been very positive. I feel lucky to have a coworker as calm and patient as Scott. He’s always able to answer my questions and helps me to explore my work from a different perspective. If anything, this interaction has only made me better at my job. And, hopefully, vice versa.

Other things that are great about working with my spouse: work events are never awkward – we both have lots of people to talk to and don’t have to remember to introduce each other. I have a friend to share lunch with (a rarity for us, but it’s sometimes a nice opportunity). And if Iforget something, I have someone in the building to mooch off of.

It is true that if you work with your partner, work has to stay at work in order for you to have a normal home life. But there’s really nothing weird about sharing a workplace. I don’t see any downsides from where I stand – it’s pretty nice to like what we do!


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