Second-hand Sewing Desk


Guess what I found…

This weekend I took a trip to our local Habitat for Humanity ReStore Warehouse in hopes of finding some furniture for our new home. I love the ReStore because it gives me an opportunity to browse around and find some pieces at a fair price. When we first moved, Scott and I found a dresser and TV stand, so I’ve been returning in hopes of finding a few more deals to fill our bare home. (Kijiji is another great place for used furniture, but I digress).

This weekend I was in for a treat. I’ve been searching for a sewing machine table. I was surprised to stumble across the perfect piece – a solid old sewing machine table that folds out into a full sized work surface. The table has a cutout sized to fit a sewing machine, with holes to accommodate all the cords. There are plenty of places for extra needles and thread in the drawers, and the surface will provide ample space to get started on my new projects.

I still need to clean the table and replace one of the feet – but otherwise it’s in great condition. I particularly like the design when the swinging doors are closed. What a find!



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