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Back to School – on Distance Learning

Guess what I’m up to tonight?

Catching up on a little studying.


Oh yea, I’ve started my second of six writing courses for a certificate in technical writing. I study online and… that’s pretty much that. I thought I might share some of my experiences from distance learning.

So far I’ve enjoyed my time spent studying online. The environment takes a little getting used to. As a writing student, you’re expected to critique your classmates and learn from critiques of your work – this part takes a lot of time and thought. I think that the experience I’ve gained from wording my critiques has really helped me to better communicate with coworkers. I can make suggestions and try to help without criticizing.

Online courses do differ significantly from what I expected. I thought there would be weekly video lectures (like Coursera), but most of the materials are written into word documents and assigned through readings and exercises. I was not a fan of this approach at first, but I’ve adapted to this more self-guided approach. Unfortunately, if your textbooks are delayed in shipping (which consistently happens to me), you quickly fall behind! Order early to avoid disappointment!

The very best part of online learning is the ease to fit it into my busy life. I can enjoy a little snack and some reading from the comfort of my couch – and can work on assignments anywhere!

Tonight’s snack items – a must-have for my evening study sessions!

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