Home Renovation

Our Blue Bedroom


Tonight I wanted to write about the blue paint on our bedroom wall. I describe it as ‘retirement blue’ – it’s the colour of an elderly lady’s perm or a linen day-suit. But after several minutes of trying to capture the colour on my camera I had to give up.

I ended up editing it to give the best impression of the blue I’m talking about, which is a pretty funny thing to do. I wish I could change colours with this much ease! I’m looking forward to a trip to the paint store; I’ve been thinking about a stormy grey to contrast our wood furniture and watercolour duvet. As a bonus, a new Homesense just opened up in this l town this week – the timing couldn’t be more perfect!

Also, you may wonder why Scott and i didn’t paint before moving in. There’s a simple explanation: we moved during the hottest week of summer. The paint would still be drying!


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