Garden · Prince Edward Island

My First Holly Plants


I was wandering the yard when I noticed that our holly bushes were in bloom. How… Cool?

I had never seen living holly until we started shopping for houses on PEI. Holly is not a particularly common ornamental plant where I grew up, so I had no idea that people grew it in their gardens. But after coming across a number of sharp, unruly bushes, I recognised the distinct leaves from years of holiday cards. These leaves are sharp and incredibly waxy – I’m certain they won’t decompose for years and cause gardeners no shortage of headache.

Yet there is a strange appeal to our young holly bushes. The rich green leaves frame bright red berries with festive flair – I actually found myself thinking about the Christmas season and hot apple cider. How strange. So, despite my dislike, I think we’re going to give these potential beasts a change. We’ll give them a good trim and hope for the best.

Side note: I immediately started searching for ways to incorporate fresh holly into festive decor, but was turned off by the sharpness of the leaves and complicatedness of wreath making. We’ll see if I change my tune, but I’m thinking that these plants will be handled as often as cactuses. Ouch.


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