Music and Events · New Brunswick

Harvest Weekend


It’s the weekend of my favourite hometown music festival – and though I can’t attend in person – I’m definetly reminiscing about the great times I’ve had during Fredericton’s Harvest Jazz and Blues Festival. I’m definetly a little homesick!

Scott and I actually had our first date at the festival – catching some street entertainment followed by music in one of our favourite pubs. The venue has since burned, been restored, and was then renovated! 

The Jazz and Blues Festival was also the first festival that I covered for Ride the Tempo – a memory that still brings a grin to my face. I was so eager and actually wrote some great reviews that week!

Last year I celebrated my bachelorette at the Festival by catching a Joel Plaskett show with all my favourite ladies. This was by far my favourite idea for a girl’s night on the town!

I love returning to my hometown festival year after year – it grows and changes, but always feels familiar. Even seeing the photos of friends and family at the fest bring happy memories to mind. This year we’ll be missing the festival to share in a wedding celebration  (which I wouldn’t miss a moment of) – but maybe we’ll catch it next year!


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