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Hump Day


The week’s over halfway done.

I always remember Wednesdays having some sort of extra special quality… I think it’s because we used to have half-school days back in elementary school. I would always look forward to an afternoon away from class, either with my after-school group or with my Dad.  I remember a lot of outdoor adventures and secret trips to Wendy’s. Those were the days!

As an adult, the magic of Wednesdays is nothing more than making it halfway through a work week. It’s pretty terrible, but the weekend comes with such high anticipation that the rest of the week seems only to build to it.  I feel like I need to come up with some sort of… Challenge… That will make week days more fun.

Maybe a fun Wednesday activity? Like date night Wednesday? Appetizers Wednesday? Getting off an hour earlier on Wednesday? There’s got to be a way to improve the middle of the week.

I just haven’t thought of it yet!

How do you improve the mid-week slump?


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