My Nickname in College


When I was recently purging my wardrobe, I came across this hilarious T-shirt that my university roommates and I had made. We were 7 girls living in an apartment-style dorm, which we nicknamed “the castle”. Probably because we were totally all princesses, but I digress.

The back of our shirts featured our nicknames…


And mine was clearly ” the Hick “.  I think I’ve mentioned before that my bestie and I had a comic in the student newspaper called Tiana and the Hick. It’s a pretty funny nickname that only makes sense for me in Toronto.

I left for Toronto in my third year of university, transferring from my hometown school. I was the weird kid who was from New Brunswick and proud of that. I knew all of my crop vegetables, had ridden a tractor, and enjoyed fly fishing. I was clearly a Hick.

Back at home I’m that city girl who doesn’t know how to operate the lawn mower, won’t walk in tall grass for fear of snakes, and can’t stand country music.  I’m as far from a Hick as possible, but I’ve always loved the confusion because I know I have potential. I love both worlds.


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