Today We Bought Food Storage Containers


Oh yeah.

You know it’s a rainy Saturday when I can convince Scott to join me for a Walmart shopping trip. The goal for today? To replace our terribly stained food storage containers.

I’m pretty happy with the result. We spent about 50$ and came away with 12 glass storage containers and a set of 20 Rubbermaids with stackable lids. The Rubbermaid set replaces our former stained set – but we’ve also decided to finally join the adult world and only microwave food in glass containers. Not because we’re terrified of evil chemicals – oh hell no – but because we’re tired of ruining containers. Scummy, cheap containers.

I recommend the Pyrex glass set – they’re fairly stackable and the covers seem durable. At less than 20$, these were a great deal. I’ll probably share my experience if they being to fail me in some way… so stay tuned for that if you’re an avid container fan. (What has this blog become?)

Other than that, we cleaned house and played some Minecraft while the rain fell outside. And… I suppose then this happened…


That pesky Maddie cat!

Just another Saturday at the Greer house.


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