My Ugly Work Coffee Mug

so much embellishment

Today I went to make myself my afternoon cup of tea, when I realized something was missing from my desk.

My coffee mug was nowhere to be found.

I searched through piles of papers and stacks of binders to come up empty-handed. Had I left my mug somewhere? Did I lose it somehow?

Never. After several minutes of wasted time, my search ended in the lunchroom dishwasher. Someone had “helpfully” placed my mug there – perhaps at the end of the day. I didn’t even know we had a working dishwasher in the lunchroom! UGH.

I hate wasting time, and this mug story is a great example of time well wasted. But it also brings to light something kind of silly: I love my work coffee mug.

Like most people in my office, I have a specific mug that I use daily. Mine was a Honeymoon-Valentines-day-gift from my husband that we found in the aquarium shop in Maui, Hawaii. It’s covered in brightly coloured turtles – large ones as the main design, several on the handle, and one inside the mug itself. It’s truly tacky and reminds me of the bright, aloha-print I came to love in Hawaii.

If you look around your workplace you might see similar ‘tacky’ things. Perhaps a weird lanyard, goofy photo, or ugly statue. I can almost promise you that each of these tacky items has a special meaning to its owner – and brings them a little joy each time they pass it.

So for the love of god don’t put your coworker’s stuff in the company dishwasher.




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