Simple Makeup Storage


My recent move has lead to new organization strategies in nearly every aspect of my life. Which includes, of course, bathroom storage!

I have a fairly simple daily makeup routine: a little BB cream, mineral powder, an eyebrow touch-up, and a touch of blush. I love putting on eye shadow and mascara for night’s out – but even then I keep a simple pallette and have just a couple eyeliners and one mascara on the go.

I’m also a nut when it comes to bathroom clutter.  I hate it. Sorry – but I’m just not a fan of seeing bottles of half-used gunk all over my counter! In our apartment I kept all of my makeup stored (messily, but out of sight) in a drawer. I could grab what I wanted and toss it back with ease. But our new bathroom doesn’t have drawers – just a cabinet.

So I decided to try out a makeup organizer. The back features one long compartment, so I threw in all the makeup brushes that I don’t use on a daily basis, along with my less often used makeup. The front is divided into three compartments – so I decided to organize my makeup and appropriate brushes in order. From left to right I have face, eyes, and blush. Simple.

I keep the messiest makeup (my mineral powder) on its own to prevent powder building up inside the tray. What a mess!

So far I am in love. I use what I want, toss the pieces back, and close the door when I’m done. Day after day my makeup is organized and ready for me – no need to rustle through a drawer looking for that tiny eyebrow brush!

How do you keep your makeup organized?


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