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After the weekend – keeping it light on “Mondays”


Ugh. It’s Monday night. And tomorrow is the demon equivalent of a Monday. I hate that sense of dread that rears its head around bedtime after a holiday.

This weekend was fantastic. I completed several projects around the house, enjoyed the beach with friends, and spent some much-needed time in the garden. I cooked wonderful garden-fresh meals and enjoyed time with my husband.

So of course I’m not looking forward to an early morning tomorrow. But I’m sure the day will pass quickly and I’ll be able to return to my projects.

Last week I was having a particularly boring Monday when I decided to share three good things about my day with my bestie. If course, one was a delicious lunch treat (can’t remember what, but it’s a sure way to cheer me up), and I had about five projects to keep myself busy. Who knows what the third was! But the exercise really did put me in higher spirits!

I say let Monday (aka Tuesday) come, I’m sure there’s something worthwhile to look forward to tomorrow.


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