Adventures · Prince Edward Island

Days in Cavendish PEI


Hi there.

I’m back from a lovely afternoon at the beach in Cavendish.

Every summer I make a couple of trips to Cavendish, Prince Edward Island, to spend time with friends and family visiting the Island. When I was a kid, Cavendish was the place to visit on PEI, and all these years later this still seems to be the case.

I love spending the day in Cavendish; it’s so quaint and touristy. Something about the mini golf, the boardwalk, and the beach makes me feel like I’ve traveled back in time. The campgrounds are always packed with families enjoying their summer vacation, which reminds me of my time in Cavendish as a kid. This puts me in the vacation spirit, even if only for a day.

It’s weird to think that the vacation destination from my childhood is just thirty minutes away from where I now live. And yet my home seems so very normal. You wouldn’t suspect from time spent out in lovely Cavendish that most Islanders lives are like yours. We have similar homes and sources of entertainment. Our city is fairly normal with shops and restaurants that could be anywhere. But tucked away on our shores are little pockets of tourist paradise that bring so much joy to visitors of all ages.

Prince Edward Island is a great place to spend time with family and friends, regardless of where you’re coming from. I’m so glad that I had a chance to catch up with friends this afternoon!


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