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Garden Update – First Week of September


We did it folks – it’s the weekend!

Labour day weekend.

I can’t believe how quickly the summer months passed – but I’m brought back to reality every time I visit our little vegetable patch. This week we had to pull the snap peas, which dried up over just three days, to give our cucumbers a chance to grow. Our lettuce went from crisp to limp in the same time frame – unfortunate, but we have plenty of luck elsewhere.

The hot peppers were recently harvested for our pickling session, but tomatoes are in full force. I’ve crammed them into chili, spaghetti, and sandwiches – which reminds me that I’ll need to think of another tomato-rich meal for this weekend. I might take a chance on some homemade tomato sauce, since I have a craving for lasagna-type dishes these days.

The beets are also nearly ready for a harvest – another pickling adventure is in store next weekend! Carrots and onions are still growing, with just a few making it to the dinner table so far. It’s another fantastic fall in our kitchen and garden!


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