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One Year Since I Quit My Job and Started Fresh


Today is my one year work anniversary – and I also happened to receive my very first piece of company swag. My selfie skills are exceptionally poor, but you can see that I love my new company jacket!

A lot has happened in one year of my life, both personally and professionally. I got married and bought my first home. I started taking technical writing courses that I’d dreamed about for ages. I met my goal of blogging every day for a month, then 6 months, and now I’m well on my way to a year now. I have more freedom now that I no longer spend hours commuting every day.

My career has changed significantly too. Something about the new opportunity provided me with a chance to start fresh and allowed me to start acting like myself in the workplace. Sure, I work hard and strive to meet deadlines, but I also feel comfortable enough to joke with coworkers and discuss new opportunities with my manager. People in my workplace listen to me and treat me with respect – something that I appreciate beyond compare. It’s a cool workplace where I can wear jeans tucked into work boots and make jokes about fishing in the lunchroom.

A year ago I was terrified, but today I couldn’t be happier that I took the leap. Sometimes you have to take your skills to a new workplace to start enjoying what you do. I’m glad that I took the risk and found a good fit.


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