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Days Away From Settled: Kitchen Pantry Update


Hi folks –

So I’ve posted a before photo from our pantry – seeing as this is where we spent most of the day. We’d already removed the grease-stained shelves when I remember to grab the camera. The wire racks have since been removed and the room was painted with a fresh coat of white. In hindsight I wish we’d been a little more adventurous, but I’ll be happy with clean and fresh over scuffed and greasy!

The more time we spend on home renovations, the more I find myself amazed by home renovation blogs. How on earth do people manage complete space overhauls? I can’t imagine all the foresight that would need to go into a full-scale project. For example, check this fantastic pantry makeover on Decor Chick – seriously – the lazy-susans, the storage bins, and even the decorative wreath! I’m amazed at how well people prepare for their DIYs!

Our DIY day started with us emptying the garage to clean a spot to paint the shelves. Then we had to go buy some painting supplies. The shelves had to come out and be cleaned. The painting was finally complete. I suppose tomorrow we’ll reassemble the shelves… but there won’t be any spectacular organizational changes to look forward to here on the blog! I suppose I’ll do my best, but I really need to up my game if I want my DIY posts to stand out among the Pinterest crowd.

I think that’s a goal to start working toward. Once I’ve set up my workspace, I’ll sit down and start prepping notes for upcoming projects. Lately my writing has been chaotic and messy; I’ve stuck to my daily writing goal, but quality has suffered. I think it’s time to bring a little light back into this blogging project and see whether the next 100 days can be the best yet!


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