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A Good Lookout


Belle seems to have found a new lookout spot.

She’s now obsessed with spying out the window overlooking our driveway. She announces my arrival with meows and loud brrrrring. I don’t know how else yo describe the sound, but you can never sneak home without one of the cats announcing your arrival. I love hearing little cat meows when Scott’s expected.

Today was a long one, ending with something getting in my eye. It’s legitimately all I can think of – my eye hurts. Is it scratched? Is the thing still there? Is it just inflamed from me touching at it? Will it ever be the same again?! You know – the usual fresh out that happens when you get something in your eye. It reminds me how important my vision is to me and how one little thing can cause so much discomfort.

Finally, tomorrow we say farewell to our apartment at a walk-through. One last viewing. I will cherish the memories of my first home with Scott and all our many guests. We made a lot of memories in that little space and learned so much about each other. It will be weird to see it off.


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