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Exploring the Neighbourhood

Pretty backyard view #clouds #PEI

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I’m exhausted.

Today was another rainy day in Charlottetown. One of those days where you think about staying in bed because you can hear the sound of rain pounding outside. Where you can clearly see your rubber-duck-yellow raincoat sitting in your car from inside you home. Where you’re pants just won’t dry from rain spatter.


But there was a light at the end of a dreary work day – the sun was vaguely shining and we were able to squeeze in a walk through the new neighbourhood. And I like this place. There were families playing in the street and plenty of neighbours getting work done in their yards – it was always a rarity to see any  people at all in our last neighbourhood. We discovered an interesting path system and were nearly devoured by mosquitoes. Not a bad adventure

But now is nearly 9 pm and I’m absolutely drained! This probably has to do with the several hours of unpacking I put in when arriving home, but I just feel lazy! Aw well, early to bed means early to rise. Tomorrow brings with it a weekend – so here’s to a brighter Friday!


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