Food · Garden

Garden Pizza


As usual, my food photos are less than desirable.

Tonight I made mini pizzas with ingredients fresh from our garden. This took a bit of work since we’ve yet to unpack most of our kitchen, but I managed to chop up some peppers, tomatoes, and fresh oregano, basil, and thyme. The crusts are from a local bakery called Buns and Things – this is one of my favourite places to pick up a treat in Charlottetown. They baked up nice and crisp on the bottom and were the perfect size for one.

Today I had the realisation that our current house predicament is much like life. We have the things we want in sight, but there’s work to be done in order to have them. Everything worth having is hard work, so I’ll be going forward with that in mind. It’s all here – the garden, the pantry, the freezer, and even the apple tree. It’s just going to take a little work to unlock them.


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