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Ups and Downs of Second-hand Gardening

Hi folks!

Tonight I arrived home in a hungry mood. Since our kitchen is barely unpacked, I wanted something simple. Tortellini, canned sauce, and a vegetable.  I was thrilled to skip out to the backyard and gather a handful of beet greens and serve them up with butter and vinegar.


However, on a return trip to our second-hand garden, Scott and I discovered some pretty nasty things as well. Our enormous crop of turnip is infested with maggots for one. And the Swiss chard is crawling with my least favourite insect: earwigs. Ewww.

I honestly don’t know what to do about the situation. Since we didn’t plant these vegetables, and have a thriving garden of our own, I’m thinking we pull the bad and try to save the above-ground crop. At the same time, I’m absolutely grossed out.

Going forward, we’ll never be planting as densely as the previous owners. I spend hours just poking around in our community garden, so I hope that I can keep our future garden looking OK. But are the beets from this year going to be impacted by their neighbouring maggot-filled turnip? Do I even have the stomach to find out?!


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