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A Photo-Tour of our new Garden


Welcome to our new garden!

I’ve spent my entire weekend in the kitchen. Cleaning. I’m so exhausted right now that I almost forgot to blog before passing out. I’m actually looking forward to work tomorrow.

So the garden. As you can see above, it’s a bit unruly. This is no surprise after tackling the kitchen for the past two days – but I digress. I won’t be able to give this garden the TLC it needs this year, but next year I’ll have a great place to start.

Let’s do a virtual walkthrough!

So we’ve got what looks like a dozen tomato plants – all well-overgrown – including some cherry and beef eaters. Next we have over a dozen very large pepper plants. These are easily the most impressive feature of the garden. We found some bell peppers and several species that we think are hot peppers.



There are plenty of beets – they could use spacing but I’ll probably just grab a few handfuls now and then for greens once we have the kitchen running. The turnips are growing like mad with no space to spare. I’m not a huge fan of the turnip, but willing to try them fresh.

I’m excited to see a young apple tree, although curious as to what it’s doing in the garden. I’ll keep an eye on the impact of roots and shading in years to come. I can’t wait for it to really start producing!



The shed has two planter boxes, one with cucumbers that are starting to take off, and the other an assortment of cukes, turnips, and an unknown vine. I call it the planter of mystery.



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