Moving… With cats


Things are pretty loud in this car.

We’re moving our most precious, and angry, cargo. They’re hot and screaming. I have no advice for cast owners, other than: just don’t move! What a perfect end to the day!

(Note – cats and humans made it to the house in one piece. We’re exploring together. It’s going to be a very strange night)/


2 thoughts on “Moving… With cats

  1. My cat meows the whole time she is in the car in her travelling box. Of course, this is usually to go to the vet. But this year we have got a motorhome which we have to keep a 20 minute drive away, and we take the cat on holiday with us, so there is driving to the motorhome, then driving in it. I could not face the thought of all that meowing! We got her a harness and lead and she sits on one of us while the other drives. She sometimes wriggles, but she is much quieter. I do not think it is the perfect solution and you might struggle with two cats, but it is something to consider.

    Our harness was made to measure here:
    and the service was excellent, very fast. They are supposed to be impossible to get out of and more comfortable and secure than ones with narrow straps. They are also useful if you want to try taking your cats for walks… not all cats like doing this… :)

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