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Crock Pot Meal Planning


I have another terrible headache this evening, so I’m trying to stay away from screens. That’s kind of tough when you blog daily, but this will be quick.

I decided to cut my packing short this evening (oh yeah, we’re moving on Thursday) and spend a little time pouring over cookbooks instead. The one pictured above is a pretty basic compilation of easy crock pot recipes – I’m combing it for anything that features lots of vegetables.

Our garden is overflowing, so soon I’ll be overwhelmed with veggies. I’d really like to see these used up or frozen. So far I have the following ideas in my notebook:

Veggie lasagna
Veggie soup and tortellini soup
Spaghetti sauce

I’m looking for more ideas that might be easy to toss together and freeze for the coming months – I’ll definetly share some of my cooking adventures (with the hope of triumph) after the big move!


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