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Blogging in the Car


Lately I’ve been spending a lot of time in the car. This can make daily blogging a bit challenging – but I’ve adapted. I write many of my posts from the passenger seat.

Blogging on the road takes practice and a surprising amount of patience. If your using your phone to blog, you’ve got to be all over the autocorrect. Every word has the potential to transform into an awkward homonym – or worse – with painful results. I say this as a bit of a perfectionist: I can’t stand my bad writing!

I also find maintaining a train of thought to be difficult in the car. It’s full of distractions: the road, the radio, the driver… And by the time you’ve written a paragraph on your tiny screen it’s scrolled up and out of sight. I find the best strategy is to keep things short and sweet. Get to the point and hit publish.

I don’t think I’ve ever written a particularly fantastic post from my car, but every one seems a little easier. Since practice makes perfect, your writing is bound to improve after a few trips. It’s definetly a great way to keep writing when you’re on the move!


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