Garden update – mid-August


The garden has taken off!

Even in comparison to last Friday we’re seeing tremendous new growth. Scott left the garden this morning with handfuls of snap peas, a huge bag of beet greens, and a week’s worth of salad greens. We’re seeing some large cucumbers, tomatoes, and peppers that will be harvested in our next update!

I’m going to rely heavily on photos today, since this month’s challenge was to take more and I’m thoroughly exhausted. We’re switching into moving mode, so things will be chaotic for a few weeks to come.


This year’s garden star is definetly the snap pea. The plants quickly covered their trellis and are producing bags of peas every few days. I was nervous about the productivity we’d see, but they’ve already exceeded my expectations.


Of course everything isn’t peachy – something has been eating our cucumbers. I can’t tell from these teeth marks, but I’ll surely do some research. It’s very unusual!


One last photo – check out those beet greens! These were delicious and provide a great source of nutrients. Don’t throw them away!


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