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Garden update – two gardens are better than one


We are about two weeks from our garden’s tipping point. Soon our plants will be overloaded with the crops we’ve been craving for ages.

I can’t wait.

Of course, this will come at the busiest time of the summer. We’ll be moving and everything will be up in the air. I just hope that I remember to take it all in and enjoy nature. And to eat some healthy produce fresh from our garden.

One of the most interesting parts of our move will be gaining a second garden. The owners of our new home planted a full garden this year, so we’ll be jumping in halfway and trying to figure out what’s what. I’m so exciting for this chance to try things from a new perspective.

The thing about two gardens – we’re going to have a ton of veggies. I’m already deep into my Pinterest research – we’ll surely be freezing a lot of veggies, but also trying out plenty of new recipes. It’s going to be an incredible time to blog. I get giddy just thinking about the adventures we’ll have from garden to kitchen.

For now, check out our plants. The snap peas are close to perfection, our tomatoes are growing rapidly, and several peppers are almost ready for the picking. It looks fantastic!




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