Fabric Shaver = Dress Saver



Hi folks –

I’m prepping my wardrobe for a few weekends of weddings. One thing about my wardrobe that worth noting: it’s tiny. I typically splurge on a few pieces that I love and wear them over and over. I put effort into picking pieces that are versatile – I’m all about the mixing and matching!

One thing that helps me keep my wardrobe in top shape is spending time fixing items that are looking a little worn. For example, I have a lovely dress (pictured below) that’s started to pill. i essentially just little balls of fuzz forming on the surface. This is generally prevented by hand-washing the material only, but it’s clearly snuck into a couple of loads of wash. The solution is easy: the fabric shaver. (Mine was a gift that my Mom bought at Costco – they have these at most department stores for ~15$)




Look at that difference! A few minutes of shaving has saved the dress from ruin. I know this isn’t a permanent solution, since the fabric is now thinner, but it’s really brought the life back to this beautiful piece.

I’ll try to keep this one as hand-wash only, but I think it can withstand a couple more defuzzings if it starts to look a bit wacky again.


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