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Crochet Elephant Progress – Sewing is the Hardest Part


Hi folks –

I’ve made some great progress on the amigurumi elephant project that I started this weekend. I’ve finished the body, attached safety eyes (and double tested them for strength – these things are strong), and added two ears. The only part that remains is a round patch to complete the belly.

This pattern came together very quickly and I loved picking up each appendage from the main body instead of creating 5 additional cylinders to attach. The shape body has turned out to be charmingly robust – a perfect fit for an elephant.

I can’t wait to share the complete project, but I have a feeling it will hit the back burner as soon as I complete the crochet patch. You see – I can’t stand sewing. I dread it more than anything – it’s frustrating and I always worry that my stitching isn’t strong enough.  I think I’ll do a little research to see if I can find a better technique this time around.  I’ll be sure to post anything useful here on the blog along with the final product.

I really recommend checking out the pattern for this project at Petite Maille – the instructions are in French, but the images are pretty helpful. I can read French, but I also used this chart as a guide. Also, check out my original source of inspiration at All About Ami.



4 thoughts on “Crochet Elephant Progress – Sewing is the Hardest Part

  1. I’m not a fan of the sewing part either, because I find threading needles annoying and fiddly. So I don’t. I use the crochet hook to ‘sew’ with. I don’t mean making a slip stitch seam (though sometimes I do that too) but just pulling through the whole tail using the hook (I tend to use the tail to sew things together with rather than cutting more yarn, at least you know one end of it is firmly attached!)

    Don’t worry too much about the strength of the seam – if you are pulling thread through a crochet stitch and then another one etc to join them together, that is going to be just the same strength as the original crochet (if you’re really concerned, go over it twice!) then weave the end in and you’ll be fine.

    It would be a shame to leave the poor cute elephant earless!

  2. He is looking really great. We all have things in the UFO box that just need sewing together. Sometimes I will spend a weekend at my parents, only taking the UFO with me, forcing myself to finish it as I can make anything else. That’s my little tip.

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