Never too old for cheese and crackers


I’m in the mood for a snack. Since I’m an adult, I’ve already eaten all the junk food from my last grocery run – clearly the chips and dip were not meant to last. Which means what? Go to bed hungry?


Luckily there’s the old classic fall-back: cheese and crackers. I’ve paired an old white cheddar and Ritz this evening, but to make things extra delicious, Scott added in our favourite treat: pickles!

I’ve been eating cheese, crackers, and pickles so long that I assumed that the “pickles” was just silent in cheese & crackers. This is not so! During my studies in Toronto and abroad I learned, to my horror, that most people eat their cheese and crackers plain. My mind was blown.

When I met Scott, a charming young fellow from my hometown, I remember my hesitation when preparing a snack of cheese and crackers. “Hey…” I said ” you know what would go great with this? Pickles.” He looked at me for a fraction of a second before saying “that’s the best way to have them!”. Thank goodness. Match made.

Anyway, I highly recommend adding a tangy dill to your next attempt at a “healthy cheese and crackers snack”.  You’re welcome.


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